Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mandailing Estate Coffee

The Plantation Mandailing Estate is located high in the mountainous jungles of Mandailing, North Sumatra, Indonesia. In the late 1700`s the Dutch introduced Arabica Coffee to the Indonesian Islands of Sumatra. These very high quality Arabicas were all but decimated by Coffee Leaf Rust Disease in 1875 only leaving a very small percentage surviving. These species named Coffee Java and Coffee Godang (large bean) were dubbed “Sumatran Mandailing” and were very highly regarded worldwide. In this era the Dutch made up to 1000% profit off this highly regarded commodity, which was only drunk by the upper class. These days the species rarely exists but the name itself produces coffee from other regions by the tonne.

In 1999 the Founders of Mandailing Estate Coffee surveyed the Dutch settlement area of Mandailing. Much to there surprise barely any Arabica coffee still existed. After endless hiking, small areas of the original Mandailing species were detected in the depths of the jungle and rehabilitated into what is known today as “MANDAILING ESTATE”.

A flourishing wildlife population such as the Orangutan, Gibbon, Tapir, Sunbear and even the odd Tiger still exist in the surrounding jungle.With the combination of location, altitude, coffee variety and management we proudly present you with the Truly Original Taste of wild jungle grown “Sumatra Mandailing”.

“Mandailing Estate”

The truly WILD JUNGLE GROWN single origin 100% Arabica coffee.

Present Projects

* Construction of Eco Friendly Processing Plant.
* Support poverty stricken villages
* Rehabilitating local bird populations..
* Educating local farmers on Eco Friendly farm practices

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